This time I want to talk about my present deskmate, Mr Xie He. Before I was paired with him, I thought he was a strange and silly guy. Every time he said hello to me walking like a duck, I even did not bother to respond. However, as time went by I changed my attitude.


The day before we became deskmates, I was quite unsure whether I could get along well with him because I had been told that he often made some strange noises for no reason. What’s worse, he would sometimes touch others. Thus when I became his deskmate I warned him seriously that he should be a normal person. He promised he would be. But I found he couldn’t help himself at all. For the first few days I was really not used to his strange behaviour. He always whispered something and then took a sudden loud breath. Sometimes I was startled when I was musing over a difficult problem. That really bothered me. Some days ago he did that again during a maths class. As you know, our maths teacher is a very strict man, the same way our class director is. However, our maths teacher did not criticise Mr Xie. Instead he said never mind, smiling. Maybe our teachers had realised that it was hopeless for Mr Xie to change his ways. I felt hopeless too.


With days going by, I gradually saw the person in him. I found he is very enthusiastic about study. Terrible as his grades are, he never gives up. He listens to the teachers with an active mind. Maybe that is why he often behaves so strangely. Besides he is glad to help others. He often helps us fetch drinking water from the dispenser located on the other side of the floor. Maybe Mr Xie is not very smart, but he is trying his best to make a little progress. In a word, I am impressed. I hope he can make it someday.


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