Shengliver’s Note: Is Jack a lucky dog?


A girl was my desk mate in middle school. So pretty and cute was she that I could not help casting glances at her. Chatting with her was a feast.


My class director, Mr Zhang, was also our Chinese teacher. Being good at Chinese and teaching, he was able to transport us to the scenes that the poems and essays in our textbook portrayed.


One day, while teaching us in class, he stopped talking suddenly. Then he walked fast across the room to me and said, “Give it to me.” I pretended not to have heard what he was saying, though I had heard every single word of it. Meanwhile I released a slip of paper secretly from my palm onto the floor, trying not to attract his attention. But my teacher was so sharp-eyed that he saw it. He bent over and picked the note up before he said to the class in a chirpy voice, “Boys and girls, what should I do with the note?” “Read it out loud,” the boys and girls yelled in chorus. Their interest built up while my desk mate and I were blushing out of nerves.


Then the teacher, his eyes fixed on the note in his hand, went ahead, “Jack, why is your physics so good? Can you help me with my homework after school?” Hearing the words, my classmates were disappointed. They had been expecting something delicious. However, my face and the girl’s went as red as beetroot. After a while, the teacher said apologetically, “I have got them wrong, class. Please forgive me, Jack. There is no doubt that your classmates should learn from you two.”


From that day on, my class worked very hard. Of course the girl and I were not willing to fall behind. To the credit of our efforts, both she and I were admitted to YYHS in the end.


But my reader, do you know what happened later that day after the note incident in the classroom? After school, Mr Zhang called me to his office and returned the note to me. He let me go without any more words. Outside his office, I unfolded the paper. It read, “Jack, I like you. How about you?”


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