Shengliver’s Note: Teen Li Yan is more than a good runner; she is a gifted English writer.


I just want to say, “I’ve tried my best.”


The autumn sports meeting ended with hurrahs, tears and cheers. I did not participate in any events at last year’s sports meeting, because I was working as a flower girl at the opening ceremony and later at the awards ceremony. Besides, this year would be the only chance left for me to take part in the school sporting event before my graduation in 2016. In fact, I am not outstanding as far as running and jumping are concerned. Comparing the two events, I went for running in the end. I am better at long-distance running, so I chose the 800-metre and 400-metre races. Having made my decision, I began to run on the sports field for practice every evening after the classes at 10 pm. Every time I was on the point of giving up, I said to myself, “That you are lost is when you stop your steps!” Then I persisted.


Unluckily, the day before Friday, just before the sports meeting opened, I felt uncomfortable. I suspected I was running a fever. At the school clinic the doc proved me right. My temperature was 38 degrees Celsius. It unnerved me. I would be rather weak if the fever was not gone. Oh my God, what should I do? All the practice would come to nothing? I was so afraid of losing face and letting down those who always give me encouragement and confidence that I even wanted to quit and ask a classmate to substitute for me at the races.


The big moment came. When I got ready at the starting line, head down and bottom up, all my fears and worries were gone, only my friends’ lovely faces and warm words in my mind. At the signal gunshot, with the teacher yelling, “Ready, steady, go!” I dashed out, forgetting all about my temperature. I could hear nothing but cheers for me along the way. When I was passing where my class were seated, I heard many voices calling my name. “Come on, Li Yan. You are the best!” I sped up and went faster and faster, wind brushing my face. When I was breasting the finish line, many guys were there waiting for me. They came over to support me when I was about to collapse. One girl handed me a bottle of drinking water. I was so moved by their act of kindness.


Man is not born perfect. You do not have to win the first place all the time. As long as you’ve tried your best, you will be a champion. How unforgettable my experiences at this year’s sports meeting are! I will keep them in my memory permanently.


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