Shengliver’s Note: Two innocent teens confronted a shabby Chinese driver.


My home, located in Yunxi, is a long way from the school. After the last term ended, I, as well as my friend Mary, took a coach to go home. We normally get off at a place called Jinhua Supermarket, which is a little distance from the terminal. This time we got off at Jinhua Supermarket as usual. As we were walking out of the coach, Mary said to the driver, “Please wait a minute. We have our luggage in the boot.” Before we could reach the boot and get our luggage, to our horror, the coach started and left. That meant that we would have to go to the terminal to claim our belongings.


We got angry. We ran all the way to the bus station because we were afraid that our luggage might get lost. When we made it to the terminal, we got even sadder. There being so many buses which all looked alike, we had no idea which of them had our luggage in it. Therefore we opened all the boots to locate it. We failed after trying for ages. I guessed we might have left out some vehicles. So Mary and I combed all the buses again, but to no avail. I was as angry as I was exhausted. I called my father and asked him to come and help. Meanwhile a woman worker told us that there was a bus being washed in a corner of the place. On hearing her words, we rushed over and opened the boot. There it was! Both my backpack and Mary’s were found, but they had been wetted by the washing. Mary, fuming, yelled at the driver. We expected the man to apologise, but he said, “It is you, rather than me, that are to blame. I stopped the bus for a minute but you were not quick enough. It is not my fault, girls!” Finding him so shameless, I confronted him, saying, “It is your fault. As a driver, you must serve all your passengers. You are not a good driver.” The man retorted, “You are no more than a student. What right do you have to criticise me?” When the name calling and finger pointing were being exchanged, my father arrived at the scene. He said, “It’s around the Spring Festival. Let’s forget it, girls.” After that, he took Mary and me away from the terminal.


When I got home, I reflected on what had happened. It might have been my fault. I should not have argued with the mean driver in the first place. Teacher, what is your take? Who do you think is at fault for all this?


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