Shengliver’s Note: Several journal keepers have reported on this incident so it merits a mention in the blog. One teen here writes about it from his perspective.


It has been about one year since I joined this class. I have been fighting side by side with all the teachers of this class in the past year. Of all the teachers, the one I want most to write about today is my class director.


My class director, Mr Yu, is very kind and responsible. He is a true man. What happened on a Sunday evening proves it.


That evening, my dear dorm mate, Mr Wen, was seized by a stomach ache. He brought up his supper. What scared me was that he vomited repeatedly. I tried to talk him into going to the clinic, but in vain. He told me that it was nothing and that similar troubles had become of him before. Under the circumstances I could do nothing but call the class director on the phone. Upon hearing the bad news, he got concerned and asked me to get Mr Wen on the phone. Their low-voice conversation told me that Mr Yu was trying to persuade Mr Wen to go to hospital. Still Mr Wen was as stubborn as a mule. Judging from the things as they were, I thought Mr Yu would not bother any more. By and by the light was turned off and we all went to bed. Scarcely had we hit the sack when we heard knocks on the door. The knocks came as loud as they were persistent. It crossed my mind that the students on duty might be playing a joke on us again. We ignored it. Then a voice sounded outside, “It’s Mr Yu. Please open the door.”


We got up and opened the door, finding Mr Yu standing there in the dark with a torch in his hand. Upon setting his foot in the room, Mr Yu said, “Wen Hao, get up and come with me to the hospital right away. Your mother could not sleep a wink with you still in the dorm.”


Accompanied by Mr Yu, Wen Hao visited the emergency service at Taihe Hospital. He was examined and treated there the same night. After the treatment was over, Mr Yu took him to his home and treated him to a warm meal.


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