Shengliver’s Note: Cheers to Junjie the girl for her fearlessness.


When Jianchi and I arrived at the canteen on Monday afternoon, some students had already formed queues at the counter. After a long run, we were out of breath. Without delay we joined the queue which could lead to the food we desired.


I wanted to have tofu noodles, the meal which is popular with us. Therefore the queue where I belonged was much longer than the others. I waited, reading, with my head lowered. After some minutes I realized that the queue had been progressing very slowly. I raised my head and found some students jumping the queue. What angered me was that the student at the head of the line saw everything yet kept silent.


Just then a boy, hand in hand with his girlfriend, went straight to the counter and said to the cook loudly, “Two bowls of tofu noodles.” Oh my God. Anger burst out of my heart. I shouted to the cook, “Uncle, he jumped the line and we have been waiting for ages!” No response. I shouted again and the cook shot a glance at me. The students in the queue kept silent for some time. I saw embarrassment in the cook’s eyes. However, the shameless boy still said to the cook, “Two bowls, and be quick.”


I couldn’t stand his behavior. I went straight to the counter and said to the cook, “One bowl, please.” The uncle froze for a moment before he filled my order promptly. I passed the bowl of noodles to the student at the head of the queue.


The boy, whose girlfriend was right there with him, stared at me. I stared back, looking him right in the face. What do I fear?


Justice is done by killing injustice.


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