Shengliver’s Note: Such generosity as the grandad displayed is rare today.


I have been living in a rented flat since I started the last year of high school. My grandpa is here looking after me.


Grandpa is terribly bored, there being no acquaintances in the neighbourhood. Every morning after I leave for school, he will be hanging around on the street next to the flat. As curious as a baby, he hardly leaves anything of interest out of his attention.


One morning, as he was wandering down the street, a young food vendor, who was busy frying youtiao, caught his eye. He went over and fixed his eyes on the guy working. All of a sudden, grandfather said, “Guy, your dough is too wet. It is not good for frying. And look at your hands. You take money from your customers. Meanwhile you use the same hands to work the dough.” Looking at the embarrassed and awkward guy, he took up the guy’s utensils and started to help him fry his youtiao.


While helping the food vendor, grandfather chatted with him, asking about his job and family. The guy is a cook employed by a canteen in a factory. He spends mornings working on the street making youtiao for more cash. He is only about 20 years old, still a bachelor. “What a hardworking young man!” grandfather commented. When my grandfather was going to leave that morning, the guy insisted on giving some youtiao to him to express his appreciation.


I am proud of my grandfather. He was so kind and so helpful to a complete stranger. He is my idol.


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