I have a sister, who is 9. Last week, mother related to me an anecdote about her, which surprised me.


It happened three weeks ago when I was away in school. One day my parents had some pressing matters to attend to. They told my sis that if they were not home by dusk, she could go and have supper at my uncle’s. Unfortunately my sis forgot all about what my parents had told her. When evening came, she waited at home for my parents, together with our pet dog Wangcai.


Two hours later, my sister and Wangcai both got hungry. She put some dog meal into the bowl for the pet. Then she opened the fridge only to find some eggs and tomatoes in it. She had no choice but to cook for herself. But she had never cooked before. She should have finished the meal! For the meal, she made herself rice in the cooker, and did a dish of egg and tomato and a dish of potato.


After my parents came back, they could not believe it. Mother tasted the meal and it was pretty good. She asked my sis, “When did you learn cooking?” She answered, “When you were cooking, I watched you. And when you taught my brother how to cook, I listened in.”


How smart my sis is!


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