Shengliver’s Note: Lingkai the teen misses his grandad like hell.


Before the new term started, my grandad passed away. For weeks I grieved for him. I know I cannot see him any more in this world.


I lived with my grandparents in Yunxian until I was seven. They brought me up. When I was a child, grandad taught me to read poems, play chess and play cards. I was a good learner. Grandad said that I was the smartest of his grandchildren. When I was seven I came back to the city and lived with my parents. From then on seldom did I meet my grandad. When I was free I preferred to play computer games rather than go and visit him. Last year one day I suddenly realized how much grandparents had done for me and how foolish I was. I cried sadly in class when the realization dawned on me.


After that I tried to spend more time with my grandparents but I was too busy. I comforted myself with the thought that I would have more time when I was in college. This summer, luckily, my family travelled to Yunnan, grandparents with us. We climbed the Yulong Snow Mountain, which is around 4,000 metres above sea level. I felt painful on the way up. In contrast my grandad did not feel a thing though he was 80 years old. How strong he was!


One day after we came back from the trip, my grandparents felt hot. It was high summer. They turned on the air conditioner and kept it running for a whole night. The next morning grandad ran a fever. He was taken to the County Hospital, where the doctor treated him as an ordinary patient. After being treated for three days, grandad could not get better. Then my aunt, who is a doctor, was contacted. She asked whether grandad had gone through a thorough check-up. Of course the answer was no.


My aunt went to Yunxian without delay. When she arrived, grandpa was in a coma. At her insistence, grandad was transferred from the ward to the ICU. It turned out that grandad was suffering from pneumonia. After staying in the ICU for two weeks, my dear grandpa was still too weak to get up. Then he died.


I had thought grandad could recover from the disease as quickly as my classmate Zhou Jiahao did last winter. I never thought the disease would take him away from us. This was the first time I had experienced the loss of a family member. It hurt me. I left school and stayed in Yunxian for one and a half days for his funeral. I was so sad. I knew my grandpa went to heaven where there is no pain no suffering.


Now when I am all alone, the days when we were together will come back to my mind. I cannot see him any more at this moment in this world, but I am sure I will meet my dear grandad someday somewhere.


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