Shengliver’s Note: In this entry, Pan Zijun the teen shares with us his fantastic experience of a tour through time and space. He is the author of this story.


One day when I woke up, I was astonished. I found myself in a metal room. Through the window I was able to see the starry universe. A grey and deathly planet was hanging somewhere in the distance. Arising, I saw a robot in the shape of a human standing at the door, staring at me.


“Who are you? And where am I?” I asked in a shaky voice. I was so alarmed that I could hardly believe my own eyes.


“Don’t worry, Master. I am your servant. We are in New Eden, the last human town in the whole universe,” the robot replied.


“What? Eh … What’s the date today?” I shouted.


“It’s 13th September, 3014, Earth Time,” he answered meekly.


It seemed that I had travelled through time and reached the future. I did not know the reason. In order to get a better picture of the circumstances, I instantly started to ask the robot more questions. My servant answered them all patiently.


He told me that great changes had taken place in the past 1000 years back on Earth. With technology developing fast, humans had become greedier and greedier and worse still selfish. Many nations had sharp disagreements with each other. Soon the Third World War broke out. During the war, nuclear technology leaked out and some extremists took advantage of it. The conflict soon escalated into a nuclear affair. When the war came to an end, the Earth was severely damaged. Only then did humans realise that they should have got united to protect the Earth instead of tearing it apart. But it was too late. Most forests and green fields had turned into desert land. And most water resources were polluted by the nuclear waste left over from the battles. Over 96% of the human population died of hunger and diseases. Those who had happened to survive spent the following 150 years building four space stations in outer space. When the stations were ready, they left behind the Earth and relocated to their new homes in here. Many humans tried to explore the universe further from their new habitat New Eden but in vain. Humans searched everywhere but they could find nowhere as comfortable as the Earth to live. There was not another Earth in the whole universe. In despair, they decided to find a way to go back to the Earth someday, which by now had become a grey and ghastly planet.


After hearing the stories from my robot, I felt sad. I stayed in silence for a long time. Later, I broke the ice by asking, “Where are the other three space stations now?”


“Two of them fell into ruin for no reason soon after they were constructed. The fourth one is on the other side of the Earth,” the robot said, pointing at a speck far in the distance.


I could do nothing but stay on in this space station. The houses here in New Eden looked like cells of a honeycomb. I took a teleporter to go somewhere I wanted inside the manmade homeland. But I was forbidden to get out of the station. There was an artificial garden at the centre of the settlement. Big and beautiful, it somehow made me feel a bit at home. That was why the station was called New Eden.


It took me ages to adapt myself to life in the Space Station. It was not the same as the Earth, but it was better than nothing. However, from time to time, I could not help thinking long and hard about how to get back to 1000 years ago. I could not have missed the old Earth home more!


A couple of weeks later, while I was eating, I heard a series of explosions out there. I saw a huge UFO approaching us, and many ET fighters in it attacking New Eden. Lasers were coming close like rainstorms. My robot servant rushed into my room, yelling, “The main structure has been nearly destroyed by the aliens. We must exit now, Master. Now!”


So we embarked on an escape pod and flew away from the space station in no time. Moments after our departure, I turned my head and saw through the back window New Eden being torn into pieces. The engine of the station blew up and went up in flames. The central garden scattered into dust. The debris floated everywhere. Two aliens flew through the ruins towards us and started to set upon my pod. Unluckily, my pod, struck by their laser beam, was sent crashing down to the Earth. I was falling fast when suddenly something caught my eye. I saw that YYHS, at one time the best high school in the human world, now covered with grey sands, was right under me. I was dropping right into its Yifu Teaching Building.


Then my head was knocked on the desk. I woke up, finding that Mr Yu, my dear class director, was standing at the door, glaring at me. To my greatest relief, I was in a classroom on Earth, rather than in a space station.

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