Shengliver’s Note: Girl Chenglu is trying to persuade her dad out of the habit.


As you know, in China almost every adult needs to drink, especially males. I find it odd.


My uncle enjoys drinking a lot. I cannot understand why he drinks so much. I tried alcohol a bit, but I have to say how awful the stuff tastes. Therefore every time I attend family dinner parties, I decline to drink. In fact, drinking is not good. My uncle has contracted many alcohol-related diseases. He admits that he should cut down on drinking but he feels it very difficult.


Every evening I make a call to my dad. Yesterday evening, however, I failed to get through to him. Today my mother told me that he had drunk so much that he did not notice my call at all. That made me mad. I think now I could not hate drinking more. My dad always needs to have meals with his mates, and he has to drink a lot with them. I have tried many times to persuade him to stop it, but my words have fallen on deaf ears so far. Yes, he is still healthy, but I do not want him to be as sick as my uncle someday because of alcohol. My mother says, “You go and tell him about the importance of not drinking. He loves you most. Maybe your father will change just for your sake.”


I love my dad very much. When he is healthy and strong, I think I can be the happiest daughter in the world. Tonight I will give him a call and try again.


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