Shengliver’s Note: Zhang Shuchen the teen is shopping-wise in the digital age.


Nowadays many people buy their computers and mobile phones on the Internet. Of course, it is very convenient. However, you might fall prey to a scam if you were not cautious enough.


On some shopping websites, the prices of their PCs on sale are extremely low. You might believe their merchandises are attractive and competitive. Remember: There is not a free lunch under the sun. Usually the low prices are just a means to take the customers for a ride.


I made friends with a boy at a tech forum. He shared with me a piece of software. You could use it to change the data of a computer’s hardware such as the CPU and RAM. Though the hardware does not change at all, the manipulated data will indicate that your computer has better hardware than it really does. A lot of dishonest businesspeople use this software to tamper with the configuration of their electronic goods so that they could chisel their customers out of their money.


Therefore please choose to shop on some trustworthy websites, such as Amazon, Jingdong and Suning, when it comes to buying high-end digital devices. Always bear in mind that there is no free lunch whatsoever in this world. Every meal served on the table costs: if you do not pay for it, somebody else does.


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