I think that I am having the worst dream in the world now. Nobody could wake me up. We have no time to do any other things, not even a moment to look outside by the window.


At the entrance to the building hangs a banner, which says in huge characters, “If you listen to your teachers, you will be able to go to Peking University.” I think it is very foolish. Our school usually produces few brilliant students. Tired as we feel, most of us can’t get decent grades to make it to the top schools. Every teacher says, “You should finish your work.” In fact my time isn’t my time. I can just eat, shit, sleep and walk. I do want to go to a good uni, but it is for myself, not for my teachers, my parents, or my glorious ancient school. So I try my best to do all the things. However, it doesn’t work really well. I think it is not good for us to do so much homework. We just do and do. I know I can’t change our teachers’ minds. Fortunately I will leave this school next year. Maybe when I grow up, I can do something really useful and something that I love. My cousin gave me a gift the other day. He hoped that I could study hard and be admitted to a good uni next year. I hope so, too.


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