Shengliver’s Note: Siyu is a Chinese teen in high school. She writes this entry imagining herself to be a 70-year-old lady.


Now I am packing because I will be moving to a nursing home soon. I am walking about alone in the basement. Look! In a corner lies an old box, which I haven’t opened for ages. I go over, pick it up and undo it carefully. It contains so many things which remind me of the past long gone.


A little doll appears first. I still remember how happy I was when father bought it for me as my seventh birthday present. But I lost interest in it only after a few days, so it was dropped in the ugly box by me and forgotten about. I feel sorry for you, my sweetie.


Then a beige photo meets my eyes. The young people in it are my high school classmates. It captured all our bright smiles when we were going to graduate. I can’t forget how excited I was when I stepped into the high school for the first time. But pretty soon I got tired under the great pressure. I even wished to graduate earlier to escape all the difficulties. With several decades gone by, I really miss my former classmates now. I wish someone could teleport me back to the golden days of high school.


Last I see a licence, my driver’s licence. I worked as a taxi driver for almost 20 years before I got retired. Therefore, I am fed up with driving now, although I could have been behind the wheel all day without feeling a thing the first month after I got the paper.


Not until this moment do I realise that it’s human nature to suffer boredom if we do the same thing day in day out. We desire to taste something new and fresh, just like a child who always wants a new toy. However, you may get nostalgic one day and miss the good old days.


I got retired ten years ago. My hair is greying fast, but as an adolescent with my black hair and silky skin then, I never thought I would look like this. I can’t see everything clearly now, but when I was a driver on the road, I could have seen flies in the air. We are changing, nonstop, so what we need is to change too. We have to live with what we are left with. There is no way we could go back in time. Now I will go and enjoy my restful days in the nursing home as an old lady.


I won’t go about and look for a new toy any more. I will cherish what I have, although it is no longer as good as before.


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