Shengliver’s Note: The teen is haunted by the rift between the parents.


I used to live in a happy family. My mother was a kind, beautiful and independent woman. My father was very strict with me in my schoolwork. Sometimes I hated him a lot because of it. To be honest, he was smart and far-sighted. As a child of five years old, I travelled with them to many places in China, such as Kunming and Guilin. However, as time went by, my parents became busier and busier. Therefore they hardly got an opportunity to travel together again. All of a sudden arguments between my father and mother erupted one day. I was helpless. I have no idea how to sort their problem out. But each of them loves me. Though they do not neglect me at all, yet I feel that their relationship is no longer the same as before.


Now my father’s business has met with some problems. He might believe that I do not know it because he never tells me about his business, whether it is running well or not. In fact I do not care about the money we have, but the happy life we used to lead. My father is a great man despite his imperfections. I admire him for his intelligence and diligence. He is always my idol.


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