I have a sister named Zhang Yalin. She is 7, in primary school. Last week my mother was called by her teacher to the school, where they talked about my sister’s school performance. The teacher said, “Zhang Yalin can’t pay attention to her lessons. She does her homework carelessly. She even can’t sit still for long.” They talked for nearly an hour.


After my mother came back, she flew into a temper. My sis realised how serious the situation was. My mother and my sis did not talk to each other for a long time. My sister did not watch TV or play computer games like before.


When I got home, my mother told me everything. I burst out laughing. When I was young, my mother was not called to the school once because of my study. But she was on account of my younger sis. My mother said, “From now on, Zhang Yalin can watch TV or play games for no longer than an hour. She should pay more attention to her study.”


I have mercy on my sis. I think she is only a child. She should be happy every day. My mother and her teacher should give her less pressure.


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