Shengliver’s Note: The writer’s prayer will certainly be answered.


I have never heard such a beautiful yet sad story. It happened the other week on Beijing Road near our school.


A girl (from my school) and her friend (from the City High) were walking on the pedestrian crossing one night when a drunk driver drove past. The girl noticed the car coming dangerously closer while her friend did not. Well aware of the danger they were in, the girl pushed her friend away from the car. The next moment she herself was knocked off the road, landing about 30 metres away from where they had been standing.


Even though I did not witness the accident, I can imagine how unfortunate the two girls were. I think the girl who pushed her friend away to safety was brave and kind. At the critical moment her first thought was her friend rather than herself.


It is said that the girl has been in ICU for some time. She came back to consciousness two days ago. I hope she will survive it. If there is God, please help the girl and give her a new and colourful life after she recovers.


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