Shengliver’s Note: On a visit to her grandma, it dawned on Jianglin the teen that she should share more time with the elderly lady.


My grandma does not look her age. Judging by her looks, you would not believe that she is 72 years old. She wears short curly hair. The curls come naturally; they are not artificial. Even at 72, grandma still has very black hair. She has not rinsed her hair once. Sometimes she goes on a picnic with my parents. Sometimes she climbs a mountain by herself. To be honest, what she does physically would be a bit challenging for me.


This Saturday my father decided that we were to visit grandma. Actually I had not intended to go anywhere. I would prefer to stay at home. My home is where I can do anything freely. I can sing, laugh or cry. I enjoy exposing myself and being myself in an empty house. That way I can forget about my troubles and relieve the pressure.


On hearing that we would go to grandma’s, I lost my temper and whined, “Why do we have to go there again and again? She will have us stay there overnight. I do not want that. I just want to stay home and have a good rest.” I narrowly fought tears back. After saying that, I realised that I was getting too emotional. So I turned away and stayed silent.


10 minutes later we arrived at grandma’s. Having done a great meal, she was waiting for us in the lounge. She took my schoolbag off my back and said, “Honey, I know you are busy. I thought you might have refused to come. I am so pleased to see you. I told your mother that I just want to have a meal with you. We have not met for some time. After dinner, you can go home straight away.” I was very surprised to hear that. My grandma seemed to be a mind reader. At this moment I realised I was too selfish and foolish. I was too selfish to share my time with her. I was too foolish to show her my love.


Towards the end of the dinner, grandma laid her hand on my shoulder, saying, “Baby, nothing counts more than being healthy and happy. I want you to live a happy life. You are so tied up in your schoolwork. I understand you.” I hugged her tightly while replying: “Thank you, Grandma. I love you always. I hope you look after yourself well when living alone.” When I bid her farewell, I felt tears streaming down my cheeks.


On my way home, feelings and thoughts flashed across my mind. Even if I should get the best grades in the world, something I have missed would never come back. As time went by, grandma would get older and weaker. There was no way I could have her with us forever. Despite my overloaded schedule, I think I should manage to share more time with grandma.


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