Shengliver’s Note: This entry is credited to my teen student, Deng Houlin. It is his fantasy.


It was the last boring lesson of the week on Saturday afternoon. The teacher was babbling in the classroom, it raining outside.


My classmates were moaning about the weather; they did not like the rain.


As the last lesson was drawing to a close, more and more cars were gathering at the school gate. I became anxious, wishing that he would not come to my school today.


My teacher was still talking, yet his words were meaningless and empty. I looked out of the window and he was not out there. Thank Goodness, probably he would not come anyway.


There went the bell! I grasped the schoolbag and rushed out. Raindrops splattered onto me. Still I did not see him there. At the school gate many students got into comfy cars waiting there for them. The sound of engines drowned my thought.


“Son!” A familiar voice woke me up from my reverie. Oh no! He was coming up the pavement. There was a tattered umbrella in his hand, his ugly bike nearby. He was smiling, but I did not feel good.


“I’m sorry I am late, son. Come and I will take you home on the bike,” he said warmly. Black cars were streaming past us. I felt that the schoolmates in them must despise me.


He seemed to sense something when he did not get a response. After a while, handing me a five-yuan note, he said, “Son, actually I have something urgent to look after right now. Could you go home on your own? OK?”


I nodded. He walked back to the bike, got on it and rode away. Cars were driving by, horns blaring.


It was not long before he went out of sight. Tears filled my eyes. I turned around and took a look at the place where his bike had been. A rainbow filled my blurred vision.


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