Shengliver’s Note: Ziyue had a conflict with her mother and she still rues it.


Have you ever quarrelled with your parents? How did you feel after you hurled some impolite words at them?


Three weeks ago I had a row with my mother. Even today I am still remorseful.


What happened that morning is fresh in my mind. At breakfast my phone rang. I answered it and it was my best friend. She asked me if I would go out shopping with her. I agreed at once, without consulting my mum first. After breakfast I was preparing to go out and meet my friend when my mother called me and told me that I was to go with the family on a visit to my aunt. I explained to her that I had promised to hang out with my friend for the day. But mother insisted that I go with her because, she said, nothing matters more than family. As hard as I tried to change her mind, she was just stubborn like a mule. Such a fit of temper did I get into that I had a big quarrel with my mother. We ended up going nowhere, only to stay at home spending an oppressive day. I did not talk to her. This way I wanted to show her that she was the cause of my misery.


The next day I would have to return to school to start my new term, so my mother started to pack my things, practically everything ranging from clean clothes to snacks and fruits. Only then did I realise how foolish I had been. I should not have treated mum that way. Tears filled my eyes. I turned my back on her so that she did not see me crying. I still did not talk to my mother the next morning I left home for school. However, I had left a note behind on the dining table. It read, “Mother, I’m sorry. I love you and you are my whole world.”


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