Summer days are hot. I always think I am dreaming when I am walking on a dazzling summer day on the street. People laugh and talk noisily. When I wake up from my reverie, they might all be gone.


I heard cicada songs the other day in the schoolyard. It was quiet because it was the weekend. I enjoyed the quiet because no one would bother me and I could be lost in my own world. It was on the quiet day that I heard the cicada singing.


Instantly its singing reminded me of what I did to a cicada when I was a child. At that time I did not like taking a nap after lunch. But my mother insisted I do it. She was taking a nap too. After she fell asleep, I stealthily got up and played on my own. In the garden I found a cicada on a tree branch motionless. I caught it and took it prisoner by tying it up. Afraid and desperate, it tried its best to take flight. However, it could not leave because of the strings on its legs. It was interesting for me to watch the insect struggling. After some time the cicada escaped anyway, with its legs left behind in the knot.


Today the incident is so vivid in my mind as if it had happened a moment ago. Every time I hear cicada songs, I will be apologetic saying, “I should not have been so cruel to the cicada that day. It must have been a nightmare to him.”


Sadly in no way could I have a chance to say sorry to the insect. I owe the cicada an apology.


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