Shengliver’s Note: Miss Zhao Yingjie has a younger sister called Junjie. It seems that the two fight a lot over everyday issues. Is it a reflection of sibling rivalry? No idea. But a recent incident shows that the younger sis was more forgiving, and that her forgiveness touched the elder one.


Last week, everything was running normally. Maybe I did not have an eye for something extraordinary. Therefore, I did not find anything interesting or impressing, well, until yesterday.


Yesterday I was moved by my sister. On the morning I slept in but my baby sis had woken up. She said to me, “Sis, Mum said that you should take me out for breakfast. Please get up.” I was so sleepy at that time. Sunday morning is the only chance to make up the sleep I have lost for the past week. Every other morning I have to be up around 6. I replied with my eyes shut, “Wait a minute. I will get up as soon as possible.” My sis protested, “But it is already 8. I am starving!”


I ignored her and stayed asleep. Then she started howling. I flew into a temper and yelled at her, “You are such a bother. I have told you to wait for a mo. Now, I won’t take you out. If you are hungry, go out yourself. Get off me!”


After shouting, I realised that I had been unkind to her. But I did not want to say sorry, because I thought that doing it would cost my face and would show that I weakened. Five minutes later, my mobile phone rang. Mother asked if we had gotten up. I said yes. My mother said that we did not need to go out for breakfast and that she would bring a meal in.


I did not talk with my sis even when she was going out to her Sunday English class later on. However, as she was leaving, she turned to me and said, “Sis, it is chilly outside. Remember to put on your warm clothes. Bye.”

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