Sightings of UFOs have been reported from time to time. In my English course book this topic is raised once or twice. I shared one of my personal experiences with my students in class. They were convinced that what I saw is no less than a UFO.


It happened on a summer evening sometime in 1976 or 1977. I am not quite certain of the year, but I recall that many people then associated the phenomenon with the death of Chairman Mao or some other founding father of the People’s Republic.


My family were having supper in the courtyard. I still remember the meal clearly—some porridge of bean and rice, the typical supper of the season in the village. The moon was bright. We were eating and chatting when suddenly something in the shape of a whirlpool appeared on the northern horizon. The whirlpool had a long tail trailing behind, but the whirlpool didn’t rotate at all. It slowly, very slowly moved across the night sky from north to south. It seemed that it was flying at a low altitude for it loomed so large up there. Our eyes followed it as it was traveling across the vault. Silence befell us, our mouths open and eyes staring. My father commented that it was very queer indeed. The whole process lasted about 5 or 6 minutes before the entire thing went out of sight below the southern horizon.


Then I knew nothing about UFOs. I was only 5 or 6 years old at the time.


Several years ago I mentioned this experience to some of my senior colleagues. One of them said that it was true. He said that that year he was a student at CCNU. There was a report of it in the press, too, he added.


There has been no consensus in the science circle on whether UFOs exist. Many people claimed that they had sighted such bodies but to prove their existence we need scientific evidence.


Personally I feel that UFOs do exist and that ETs do exist too, considering the size of the universe. If the universe should have a finite size, I wonder what there would be lying in store for us beyond the universe. Is our planet the one and the only one where life is as it is? Somewhere, some time, in the immense cosmos itself and beyond, there should be such a possibility that life exists, not in our shape, but in its unique form, which is still beyond human comprehension.


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