Miss Chen Ying’s family live in Fangxian, so she can’t make it home on a one-day weekend. Most weeks when Sunday comes, she stays on campus. She takes the time over her lessons, and besides there are mates both in the dorm and in the classroom accompanying her. Therefore she does not feel alone when most of the students are home.


Last weekend, a time when the freshmen enrolled and registered, her father came over from Fangxian and stayed with her. They went to have a good meal at a restaurant near the school. When evening closed in, the father had to go and stay the night at his friend’s. Miss Chen went back to her dorm.


The next morning on Sunday, Mr Chen the father called Miss Chen up and asked her to go and stay at his friend’s. Chen went over with her homework in the backpack. Upon arriving at the apartment, Miss Chen was warmly greeted by the family of her father’s friend. Their hospitality made her feel at home. The uncle had a son, who was a fifth grader in primary school. The boy was magnetised by Miss Chen. When she went out to the yard, he followed close at her heels.


After a rich midday dinner at the uncle’s, Miss Chen decided to go back to the school. She had to get the rest of her homework done in the classroom. The boy insisted on going with Miss Chen to the school for a look, for he had heard the school talked about a lot in the neighbourhood. Miss Chen explained that she would have to stay in the classroom for approximately two hours, during which time the boy would have to be left alone. The boy promised Miss Chen that he would not bother her when she was doing her work in the room and that he would spend the time doing a bit of exploring of the campus.


So the girl and the boy went to the school side by side. At the entrance to the classroom building, Miss Chen asked the boy to come and meet her after two hours. The boy nodded and Miss Chen went in.


Two hours flew by before Miss Chen was aware of it. It occurred to her that the boy was still somewhere in the schoolyard. She put away her books and stationery and hurried out of the room. To her amazement, she found the boy quietly waiting for her at the entrance just as he had promised on parting two hours before.


Miss Chen was impressed by the boy’s punctuality. Just as she and the boy were going to leave, a labourer, who was porting desks and chairs into the building, stopped and asked the boy, “Is this your sis?”


The boy nodded. Then the labourer explained to Miss Chen that the boy had been helping him carry the classroom furniture into the building for the past hour or so. The man gave the kid a thumbs-up.


Miss Chen could not help but regard highly the fifth grader, who in her eyes is as good as gold.


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