Shengliver’s Note: In this entry you will read about a Chinese teenager Zijun learning to manage his emotions. He is certainly wiser after the incident. My readers might be interested to know that this is the very first English journal entry from the new batch of teens that came in in September 2013.


Today something unpleasant happened, but now I have overcome it.


Having studied for six days in the school, I felt bored. Today, I had one day off so I could surf the Internet to have fun. After I pressed the button to boot up my PC, I found that there was something wrong with it. It failed to start up. Then I was unhappy. I called the repairmen for help. They said that they would come to my home in thirty minutes. So I waited and waited and waited. One hour later, I called them again. But this time they said they would come at least in four hours. Then I continued to wait. Several hours later, I called them for the third time. And they said they might come in a few days! I got so angry as if my lungs were blowing up. I couldn’t do anything without the machine. Then I could not control my anger. On impulse I picked up a cup and wanted to smash it on the floor. Suddenly it occurred to me that I had bought a comic book the other week on the Internet. Then I picked it up and started reading it. Half an hour later, I calmed down and the repairman arrived. Then I wasn’t angry any more.


Now I find the entire thing so silly. It did not matter at all. There was still something fun to do without the Internet. I needn’t have got so mad about it. There are always unpleasant things disturbing us in our everyday life. We should not leave ourselves to the mercy of our emotions. Just calm down, and everything will turn out all right eventually.


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