Shengliver’s Notes: When this entry was posted for the first time, Mrs Gong was still there. Now she is gone.


I think I am a lucky girl. Recently I’ve heard some bad news. Shengliver, you might be interested in it.


Most of my mother’s classmates are teachers. One of her colleagues is also her former classmate. One year my mother heard that the aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. This aunt is called Mrs Gong. That year her daughter was doing the last year of high school. We were playmates as children. So when I heard about Mrs Gong’s disease, I felt very sad. If I were her daughter I would burst out into tears. But I know her real daughter would not cry. The girl was strong.


Later Mrs Gong had an operation. Then her life was extended one more year. Yesterday she called my mother and said, “I think I will die soon. But there are two things I wish I could do before I go. One is to see my daughter get married. Unfortunately there is no chance of it. The other is to walk into the classroom and teach again.”


Mrs Gong is fortyish. However, tomorrow may not be coming for her. She has agreed to donate her cornea after her death.


Whatever, I wish my aunt could beat the odds and survive.

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