Shengliver’s Note: This story is printed in the teens’ Chinese book. A teen writer turns it into English.


On Christmas Eve, there was a big show at the circus. The kids were the merriest among the audience.


It was the clown’s turn. Every child was applauding and cheering up. His mere appearance made the children scream. It seemed that the tent was being brought down. They laughed so wildly. The clown kept silent all the while. He jumped around like all kinds of animals. In fact he couldn’t be funnier.


All of a sudden the clown got nervous. He noticed a pretty little girl seated in the front row. While her parents were laughing with the audience, she carried a blank expression. Even though the clown had never performed as wonderfully as this evening, he felt his effort was in vain. The girl was still staring at him with a poker face. He was so fearful and nervous that he could not continue to perform well. Then he walked up to the girl and asked gingerly, “Sweetie, don’t you like my performance?”


“Yes, I do. I like it very much,” said the girl.


The clown went on, “Well, why didn’t you laugh at all?”


“Please forgive me,” the girl replied. “I can’t see you. I am blind.”


Her answer plunged everyone into a long silence. Her mother explained, “Alice never spent Christmas like this. When you were performing, we interpreted for her. In fact she was very happy.”


The clown asked Alice if he could go to her house the next day to perform solely for her. Excited, Alice accepted it. The clown then leaned over and asked the lovely girl to feel his face so that she could know what he was doing. With his best effort, the clown began to perform. Gradually the girl began to breathe quickly, with her mouth agape. It seemed that Alice was seeing with her little hands what the other kids saw with their eyes. She erupted into giggles from time to time, “Do it again! Do it again!” Her parents looked at each other in amazement for they had never seen their girl getting so ecstatic.


By then Alice was out of breath, cheering up. She said, “Mum, Dad, I know what a clown exactly is! This is the most beautiful Christmas Day.”


Her fingers were still wandering on the clown’s face when suddenly she stopped. She felt some liquid. It was the clown’s tears.


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