Shengliver’s Note: A talk with loving dad is always encouraging and empowering.


We will sit the final exam in about one week. It occurs to me that I have not taken in most of the knowledge covered in the books. My mind in a mess, I have no idea what I should do with it. To make up for what I have possibly missed, I bought a physics practice book some weeks ago. I did some work in it every day because my physics is rather poor. My chemistry and biology are no better. As busy as I was, I found I could not entirely focus on my study. It seemed that my efforts would not pay off, which confused and upset me.


The other day I received a phone call from my father. I was surprised because normally he was so busy that he hardly had time chatting with me. We talked a lot, about the weather, my school life, his daily work, my gran and my little brother. When the conversation came to the final exam, I became silent. Father asked me what was wrong. The moment he reassured me that everything would turn out all right, I burst into tears. I could not hold back my emotion any more. Having taken a deep breath, I shared with him all my inner feelings and all the perplexities on my mind. Obviously he was impressed. After a while he began to tell me so many things that he had never shared with me before. He told me about some of his experiences in his younger days. He said that there had been a time when he found himself in a similar situation to mine. Differently it was not about exams; it was about his life choices. At the time he was a weak-minded dream seeker. He did not know who to turn to. However he made it in the end. Now he has a happy family and a good position. All his hard times proved to be worthwhile.


The part of his talk that enlightened me and encouraged me most was: When the fog obscures the sight, just close your eyes, listen to the voice from deep down in your heart and then follow it. You will reach your destination no matter how remote it seems to you presently. Your belief can beat every obstacle in the way.


Now right before the final exam I feel a great power surging in me.


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