As you can see, I am not a hardworking guy. Actually I was even lazier in middle school. You must be wondering how on earth I did manage to get admitted to YYHS in the first place, supposedly one of the best high schools under the sun.


My good friend, Taihou (of course, it is not his real name) was a good student, who ranked third in the league tables of Year 9. Everybody was certain it would be a breeze for him to make it to YYHS. In those days, before the final exam took place, he always encouraged me to study harder. But I did not give a damn about it. I did not understand why he singled me out. Despite his kindness, I still read my novels and Japanese anime in class and wrote my own stories in my diaries. Taihou was disappointed.


One day, Yanjing, (a fake name too) asked me, “Yifan, do you know why Taihou is so keen to help you?” I ignored his question and kept silent. After a while, Yanjing continued, “He would like you to go and accompany him in high school. As you can see, most of us will attend the local high school in the county. Only you and Taihou have the potential to pass the exams and attend YYHS. Do you really want to leave him alone? Should you attend our local high school, he would miss you like hell.”


I was moved. I did not know up to that moment why Taihou had showered me with so much help and encouragement. From that moment on, I rolled up my sleeves and put my shoulder to the wheel. I worked like crazy. Shengliver, you cannot imagine that I had just one meal a day. I left out breakfast and supper.


A couple of months later, when the exam results were out, word came that I had made it. I was excited that I would be admitted to YYHS. The next day I visited Taihou.


“Congratulations, Yifan, but I cannot accompany you to YYHS. I made so many mistakes in the exam,” Taihou said.


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