Shengliver’s Note: Work or play? Is there a balance? The writer, like all her contemporaries, is mired in homework that seems to be running forever, from dawn to the depths of night, Monday through Sunday.


Shengliver, do you agree we should be studying all the time without relaxing?


My parents always force me to study on weekends. Usually I just play for a while when mother will say, “It is time for you to go back to your homework. Do you know what others are doing while you are having fun?” I can’t say anything. If I say, “I just want to relax,” my mother will reply, “Everyone can play after finishing work. Now studying is your work.” I used to believe that she was right. But now my homework tells me that I am dreaming. The weekend homework is such that every Sunday the only thing I can do besides doing my homework is eating and sleeping. At 14.00 I should go back to school. And in the evening, we have a maths test. Now I believe one thing: Weekdays are better than weekends.


Our biology teacher is very understanding. Although she cannot change the state of affairs, she encourages us not to be scared. When she learned that our class won a basketball game, she said that we deserved some relaxation. Of course, you are one of the teachers who are understanding too.


Well, now I admit I can’t change the world, but still I can change myself. I learned it in my Chinese class.


So I will try to make the best of it all. A rose will experience a lot before it can come out. But nothing can stop it from flowering, after all.


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