It was a different weekend. On Saturday my parents and I took a walk together after dinner. On the way home we ran across a little girl, who was sitting alone on the ground. She was looking down at her broken-down bike, close to tears.


My father stopped in his tracks and asked gently, “Do you need help, girl?” The little girl could not help bursting out crying and said, “Yes, I am scared.” My father smiled and patted her on the head. He called me over, asking me to give him a hand. We used the phone to give light and pretty soon father got the bike fixed. The shy girl’s face turned red. After a while, she said, “Thank you!”


The world is always as strange as that. You can get help from complete strangers. You can help others too even though you have never met them before. Helping blesses the helper as well as the helped.


After the girl rode away, father and I smiled. We did not get any pay in cash, our hands got smudged and we were tired. It is a truth that giving is receiving. Learn to help others and believe that you will get much help when you are in need.


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