This week, a personage called Yu Minhong, who founded XDF, as well as his partner Zhou Sicheng, came to our school to deliver a speech. After hearing their speech, I didn’t think I had learnt as much from them as from Mr Fang Shanchao and Mr Wang Guoquan, though Mr Yu’s speech was very interesting indeed.


After attending so many lectures, I found something they all had in common. Every speaker tended to talk about their personal experiences. They showed us how hardworking they used to be, which eventually contributed to their success. What they were trying to achieve was to change our attitude from negative to positive, and to inspire us to work hard.


In some aspects, I think it is good. But the person who can give us a speech is already successful. Mr Zhou showed us his scar because he is successful and famous. But what about a failed person, who tried yet failed? No one would know about him. He will have to stand the pain of failure and walk alone on the difficult journey. I never heard a speech from a failed person. After all, no school would invite a failure to come and talk to inspire their students. Maybe it is the privilege of someone successful to show his scar to us.


We have to live our own lives. Success stories are inspiring, yet we have to create our own.


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