Shengliver’s Notes: Every year the students attend a couple of inspirational speeches here in my school. Their reactions to the speakers are food for thought.


Yesterday, someone famous came to our school. Mr Yu Minhong, CEO of XDF, gave a keynote speech to all the teachers and students in our school.


The reactions are mixed. Many think highly of the whole event while some hate it very much. Almost all the students react enthusiastically. They say, “Mr Yu and his co-speakers are really amusing. I could not help laughing when they were talking. The young speakers are so handsome.” Having appeared in several TV shows, one speaker Mr Zhou Sicheng talked about his personal experiences which were both funny and inspiring. A professor, who used to teach English literature in Wuhan University, has an impressive command of English.


On the other hand, some people criticise the speakers. Our Chinese teacher, for example, is very angry about their speeches. She says that their speeches contain nothing but some boring topics. Mr Yu Minhong, during the course of his talk, even asked our vice principal, Mr Yin, to share his own first romantic experience with the audience, which went totally beyond most teachers’ expectations. In his talk, Mr Yu highlighted the selfishness of Chinese teachers and parents, which was considered by many orthodox guys to be inappropriate.


As far as I am concerned, the event was not very successful even though some famous guys appeared at it. What do you think, Shengliver?


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