Shengliver’s Note: My student Mr Wan Yingzhong witnessed an incident in his hometown. I witnessed the same when I was a boy. Gambling is a serious social problem in China, both in rural and urban areas.


Something tear-jerking happened in my hometown when I was in middle school. A young girl only finished her junior middle school work. The next year she got married through a matchmaker. She tied the knot with a boy whose family was the wealthiest in our village. Less than a year later she gave birth to a baby. But her husband was hot-tempered. When the man got drunk, he yelled at his wife and abused her physically. What was worse, the man was addicted to gambling, which made his wife angry and sad. One day he got plastered at a banquet and lost 10,000 yuan in gambling. When he got back home, he treated his wife to a feast of fists. The abuse broke the woman’s heart. Having been hurt by the man time and again, she found a bottle of DDT and drank it. One hour later, her family found her dead in her chamber. It was not until then that the man realised how serious it was. He ended up being accused of abusing his wife to death. Consequently he was put in prison.


How heart-rending the story is! Being hooked on gambling cost the man his marriage and his family.


From the story we should learn that we are to respect others, especially our wife and children. Charity begins at home. And we should be good-tempered. Should we handle things the way the man did, we would have to suffer the dire consequences.


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