Shengliver’s Note: The teen could have slept late on Sunday morning.


I had an unlucky Sunday this weekend.


Because I would participate in the biology contest on Sunday morning, I got up at 7.30. My contest would not start until 9, so I decided to make use of the interval to do my homework in the reading room. When I was approaching the teaching building, it occurred to me that I had left behind my physics book in my dorm. Therefore I turned around and started to walk back to the dorm. When I was passing the shop, I dropped in and wanted to buy something. After unzipping my backpack to get my purse, I found my physics book lying right in there. I was not a little angry with myself. It was my carelessness that wasted the time. After shopping I made a beeline for the reading room. In front of the library I met one of my friends. Together, we rushed to the reading room. At the entrance a notice on the gate met our eye. It said that the reading room was closed this Sunday because the graduating students would take their English speaking test there. My friend and I were upset. We had no idea where we could turn to do our homework. At this moment a girl waiting there told us that we could head to the Delicious Food City across from the school, where there are normally many free tables and seats around this hour. She thought we could get our work done there. So we crossed the street and walked over into the Delicious Food City. To our annoyance, there were so many customers at the place because it was Sunday morning. It was so noisy and crowded that there was no way we could settle down to our work. My friend said, “It’s a terrible day. Anyway we may as well have our breakfast here.” I agreed. After breakfast, I found it was approaching 9. I rushed back to school for the contest.


Oh, how terrible a day it was!


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