This week I made a decision to exercise every evening.


As a Senior 3 student, I used to believe I hardly had any time to exercise. But now I realise that was an excuse. I do have time to build my body if I set my mind upon it. So my running project kicks off.


I plan to run on the running tracks in the sports field after evening classes. The first evening I did two laps. After the running I felt nothing unusual. The second evening, I did three laps, which meant that I covered more than 1,200 metres. After I completed the three laps, I felt I had found my old self. That feeling was so good.


Exercise does good to my health. Sitting for long hours day in day out in the classroom makes me painful all over my body. Often I am so drowsy in class that I can’t stayed focused on my daily work. Having run in the evening, I feel my energy coming back.


It matters a great deal to keep a good balance between work and health. I used to exhaust myself like Mr Yu Chenglin but there seemed to be no solid progress in my study. I hope that my evening running project can make a positive difference to my last weeks in high school.


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