BACK TO 2013

BACK TO 2013

Shengliver’s Note: In a couple of months this batch of teens will leave. In this entry a teenager reminisces about her start of high school back in 2013.


It is Sunday today. I came to the classroom very early in the morning. I looked around the whole room, realising that it was so quiet. I took a deep breath and my trip down memory lane started. It was my very first school day 2013.


“It’s the first day of school. What will my classmates and teachers be like?” I stood outside the classroom and thought. Then I stepped gingerly into the classroom and quickly found a seat in a corner. In the following weeks I made no true friends there and therefore I felt rather awkward every day. Going to school every morning became the worst thing in my whole life. Gradually I found myself very weak in every subject. Before I realised, I had fallen behind others. Because of my lack of attention to the lessons, I did not perform well either in study or in life. I lost heart and missed the good old days of middle school, when I had learned so well and progressed so much. Pretty soon, I became scared of talking about school with my parents, and every test became a heartache.


All of a sudden, my classmates started to walk into the classroom one after another. My mind was jerked back to the moment. I picked up my pen and opened my notebook. I said to myself, “Let bygones be bygones. Seize the day. I am sure I will be a shiny star pretty soon. There is no way that I will give up.”


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