This Friday we had a P.E. class, in which Mr Wang, our class director, did something amazing.


Because spring is here with us, many students, who act like crazy animals, begin to show their love. Mr Wang seemed to have sensed something. Therefore he went to the canteen this Friday and decided to catch the lovers in their act. Though I did not see the whole thing, what I heard from the classmates was amusing.


In the P.E. class he was playing basketball with some other teachers. We were also playing sports around as normal. It turned out that towards the end of the class he was hanging out at the woods near the sports field. The woods is the young lovers’ rendezvous. We were shocked that he pretended to be walking around leisurely. In fact he was checking out the young lovers who were getting intimate. Those who were unfortunate were greatly embarrassed.


I think we should devote more energy to our study. There is less than three months up to the University Entrance Exam. On our life journey the only person we could rely on is ourselves. Parents will get old, and friends come and go. Nor can we reply on any young boy or girl at such a tender age. No one can predict what the future holds in store for us. So don’t make a confession to anyone now. You will be in a better position to do it later when you are in uni.


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