Shengliver’s Note: The student community has mixed feelings towards the coming swimming lessons.


The swimming lessons are around the corner. Some students are very excited while others apprehensive of them. Their ideas about the lessons are as follows.


Those boys who are excited at swimming think the lessons will be great fun. For one thing, they can show off their strong body and muscles. For another, they can see some sexy girls in swimsuits. My best friend Dragon said he wished that the girl he liked would be wearing little so that he could watch her swimming in the pool.


Others are very worried, because they think wearing little and swimming in public is embarrassing. This is especially true of the shy girls. They will be so self-conscious that they might refuse to change into their swimsuits. Besides some students think swimming is tiring. They do not want to get tired because they have loads of homework to do every day.


In my opinion, it does us great good to swim. Swimming is a lifesaving skill. By taking the swimming lessons, we can learn to adapt to a new environment.


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