It was our school’s open house today. Some boys and girls came here from different middle schools. In a month they will choose which high school to attend, so they are visiting various high schools for a look.


Our Volunteer Group had 30 members help with the open house. We were supposed to show the visitors around. I thought it was interesting. Besides I love talking with new people. Then I joined in. In the beginning, wearing a badge, I planted myself at the school gate. I saw many students and their parents walk in.


When a handsome boy turned up, I greeted him and asked, “Do you need some help? I could show you around.” He gladly accepted it. I took him to the garden, the library, the canteen and the dorm. The boys was much taller than me but a little shy, but he was cute.


After that I did the same thing with more visitors. The sun quite strong I felt hot and tired. Over all it was a pleasant experience. I made new friends and learned how to start a conversation with students and their parents.


So if you are free and enjoy volunteering, welcome to join us. You will not be disappointed.


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