One day last summer I was playing a computer game at home when a relative on my mother’s side came over to our house. He said excitedly, “My dear nephew, are you bored now? Could you help me do some searches online? I can’t wait to get a prize.”


While saying that, he handed a ticket to me. I recognised that it was a voucher. The words on it said that the holder could exchange it for 300,000 yuan. Though confused, I searched for the address on the ticket on Baidu. I was taken to a website where a lot of messages popped up. They informed me of the activity and instructed me how to take part. And they showed where to get the cash should I win. The relative’s eyes were glued onto the monitor. He said, “Do you know that I found it on the way back home from the fields? I will make a fortune this time.”


As he was leaving, mother came in. Sensing something unusual, she asked what the matter was. The relative showed the ticket to mother. Mother laughed, “Oh, I found three such tickets on the road in front of our house last month.”


It turned out that such winning tickets were a lure. Lots of people were cheated out of their money by entering their personal data on the Web.


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