My cousin, who majors in music in a uni in Wuhan, is a kind and good-looking girl. I heard that she adopted a puppy several months ago when she was in school. But busy with lessons, I hardly had time to see the puppy until winter vacation came around.


The puppy is called Jessica. She has lovely curly brown hair, a small round face and big bright eyes. Shy in nature, she does not play with other members of the canine family. I reckon that is very likely because she lost her original owner. When she was a stray dog, my cousin came across her at a market. Full of pity toward the poor creature, my cousin fed some bread to her. After that Jessica followed my cousin like a shadow and did not want to get separated. Jessica ended up adopted by my cousin, who was touched by the bond.


Jessica looks elegant. Her frolicking around in the yard is such a feast to my eyes. Without any doubt, she is our princess. To my amazement, she takes a liking to me. Nestling in my lap is her favourite pastime. Holding her in my arms, I can feel her warmth and softness.


Each creature is so impressive. I love Jessica. Pretty soon she will be back in Wuhan with my cousin. I am looking forward to meeting her again when the next holiday comes.


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