Shengliver’s Note: A class meeting impacted a Chinese teen.


It turned out to be an unforgettable evening.


The weekly class meeting ought to be a normal pattern, but the speeches my classmates gave at last week’s event had an enormous impact on my mind. The topic of the class meeting was confidence.


Miss Chen Xinyue’s speech warned me that practically half of my high school life was over. I asked myself mentally what I had been doing in the past one and a half years. Why do I have to study here? And my God, my dream? Everything seemed to be fuzzy. Hearing her speech, I took a deep breath. My mind suddenly went blank. It struck me that there was not even a dream college in my mind. An ancient Chinese sage said, “Your dream and your goal are the guide to your life journey.” What if I have neither of them? I used to be concerned about what rank I would reach in a particular exam. But the results always let me down. Hope turned into disappointment, and disappointment into despair, time and time again. My confidence undermined, I was made to believe that I could never make it. Though I made some achievements in this monthly, I still feel far from confident.


Another speaker, Mr Zhang Zhigang, spoke about the meaning of confidence, which I could not agree more with. He said, “Confidence is based on one’s ability. To a man who has no ability and little knowledge, having much confidence is of no use.” In my class, the more excellent a student is, the more confident he seems to be. Mr Ji Ruisheng is such an example. Do those who are branded bad students or poor students have any confidence at all? Yes, they do have it, but they are afraid to try it out and to grow it. Once they failed, they might run a risk of being looked down upon. Gradually they would come to doubt whether they could ever make it. In his speech, Mr Zhang also pointed out that confidence and effort should be combined organically. Attention to just one of them gets you nowhere.


Mr Gong Xun in his talk drew our attention to the fact that we normally felt sad for no more than three days after an exam and that we would forget all about the pain after that.


The wonderful speeches at the class meeting have made me determine that I will regain my confidence. But before that I must make great effort to improve my ability and knowledge. I think it is high time that I became maturer. All of a sudden in my mind’s eye pops up a poster that I saw somewhere on campus. It goes, “If you want to get the best thing in the world, you must show the world the best in you.”


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