Shengliver’s Note: A lot can happen in 7 days! In this entry you will read a teen’s reflections on her week.


How busy and exciting a week it was!


Last week, it was our turn to take charge of keeping the school running by being on administrative duty. In my school all the classes have an opportunity to do it before they finish high school. I feel we were more workers than managers. My class was divided into different teams, each team responsible for a task. I had to look after the fallen leaves on the grounds. My team members and I swept them off the yard and took them to the dump three times a day. It was back-breaking labour because leaves are always falling this season. What’s more, I had got to stand at the entrance to the third-floor canteen to keep order there. Therefore I had to rush to the canteen and have a quick meal before classes were over, which made me feel awful. After a tiring day, I wanted to hit the sack as soon as possible but I had one more task before I could do that. I was ordered to monitor the girls’ dorms after 10.35 every night. My mates and I had to eavesdrop on the dorms, lest some girls were still doing something after the lights were off, which violates the dorm rules. Every morning when I was roused by the alarm, I felt my entire self aching. Another daunting day began!


Yesterday, Grade 2 students had a walking trip to a ‘beautiful’ destination located in Yunxian, which is called Cherry Valley Village. It felt like the Long March. The trek helped me to better understand how difficult a trip the Red Army soldiers had got through in the 1930s on their long march from Jiangxi to Shaanxi. Our steps became slower and heavier as our journey stretched ahead, but almost no one gave up halfway. To my disappointment, on the way back to the school, some boys, who were a lot stronger than me, got on a bus. I was ashamed of these guys! What delighted me was that I beat the challenge without anyone’s help. Heavy as our class director is, he behaved calm and relaxed throughout the hike. It was obvious that climbing hills in his everyday life helps him a lot. Our English teacher Shengliver walked like a little swallow so that I could hardly catch up. Well, so many great things happened on the walk.


It was an exhausting but exciting week, overall.


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