Shengliver’s Note: Can you imagine a Chinese high school girl knitting a scarf for the boy in her heart?


Three weeks ago in a PE class, I saw my classmate Steven carrying a box in his hand. It was not big but delicate. I asked Steven what it was. He told me that it was a gift that Mary had asked him to pass on to Jack. Steven left the box on the edge of the playground and then ran away like a monkey to join the footballers. I cast a glance at the box. It was a pretty beige case, on which there were patterns and some letters. I was curious to know what was in it, but I knew it was impolite to open others’ boxes without their permission. I was about to leave when a girl classmate Kathy passed by. Kathy was a cheeky girl. No sooner had her eyes fallen on the box than she opened it without a second thought. To our surprise, it was a scarf inside. Later on I asked Steven about it. He told me that Mary had knitted the scarf by herself in her spare time in order to keep Jack away from the cold weather.


Outgoing and boisterous as Mary appears, she is also a caring and considerate girl. I think Jack the lucky dog will spend a warm winter this year with the muffler round his neck.

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