Shengliver’s Note: In this entry you will read about a Chinese teen’s observations on cell victims.


I went to my favourite restaurant to have lunch last Sunday. There I saw a woman fingering her gadget while she was eating. Although she was eating, her eyes were riveted on the screen. When I finished my meal, she was still eating and playing, the phone being charged at the same time.


Nowadays more and more guys are getting obsessed with their smart phones.


In fact they spend so much time on the device that they have to charge it at least twice a day, even if there is no such actual need for it. Some people even choose to be seated near a power point when the phone is being recharged, so that they can keep using it simultaneously. It seems as if many of them have become a slave to their phone.


The phone has somewhat shrunk our social existence into a smaller circle, because we do not actually hang out as much in the real world as we used to. We should do something more concrete and tangible, rather than imprison ourselves in a small cell.


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