Shengliver’s Note: High school is no easy time for Miss He Huali. Luckily love around her makes things much easier.


In my life, from time to time, something makes me moved. There is such a case where I feel upset or lonely. At a moment like this, a word, a smile, an umbrella or a tasty snack from a friend or a family member makes me feel a bit sunny inside.


Every night when I stay up doing my homework very late into the small hours, my mother will bring me a glass of milk and remind me to go to bed early. Just a word, and I feel much warmer in my heart.


When I was upset about my grades the other day, I thought that the world was cloaked in darkness. My friend told me, “If you want to cry, cry on my shoulder. I can lend you my shoulder.” Hearing the words, I felt my eyes welling up.


I think I am lucky. When I am in trouble, guys around me always encourage me and buoy me up, which never fails to make me feel stronger and more confident.


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