Shengliver’s Note: A food vendor’s act of kindness touched two tender hearts. Should Shengliver help spread the good name?


Yesterday evening after school, I went home with Xiaxia. After attending all the lessons and poring over the exercises, we felt all our energy had run out.


We were so ravenous that we decided to have a meal at a food store behind my home. The store hosts various stalls serving specialty foods from around the country. As soon as we stepped into the place, many different kinds of food came into sight. After a while, Xiaxia picked a bowl of beef noodles as I did at a stall. As we were going to order the meals, we became aware that we only had 23 yuan, but one bowl of beef noodles is 12 yuan. Fortunately the food vendor said he would serve us two bowls for only 23 yuan. We were very surprised and grateful for what he said.


While we were waiting, he asked us a few questions as to what flavours we liked and what vegetables we would prefer to go with the noodles. We were quite satisfied with his attitude to his customers. We thought it was very kind of him to do so much for us.


After the meal I felt full and contented. My heart and my tummy were filled with warmth. I hope this vendor’s business will be the best in the food store. Maybe Shengliver, you could help us promote his business by introducing his food stall to our classmates. It is located in Wuyan.


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