Shengliver’s Note: A minute onstage, ten years offstage.


You might be familiar with the Chinese saying: A one-minute performance onstage costs ten-year practice offstage. Actually I did not subscribe to it until something happened last week.


Last Wednesday our teacher Shengliver asked Xie He to give a speech at the beginning of our English class on Friday. Mr Xie, who chose a story we had covered in our Cloze Test practice, decided to tell it to us. As you know, English is not Mr Xie’s strength. The story was rather long. Not wanting to embarrass himself while telling the story to us, he practised the story the next two days. Man, he practised hard. He did it again and again. All of us heard it, each morning, each evening, at break and in the dorm. So much did we hear of his practice that we got really bored. Mr Xie kept at it nonetheless. I, as well as others, laughed at him, thinking he was so clumsy.


Friday came and Mr Xie went up to the podium. He sailed so smoothly through the story that I felt guilty about having ridiculed him. His performance was a great success. When he finished, he won thunderous applause from us.


We can do anything well as long as we have tried our best. Many people admire the successful, the famous and the rich, but few know how much sweat was behind their glamour. Rome was not built in a day.


So, my friend, come and have a try. We will be the next winner.


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