Shengliver’s Note: Accidents catch you off guard. This teen writer is definitely wiser after the injury.


Sometimes I suspect shabby God makes me suffer on purpose. Earlier this term I knocked into a lamp post rushing to the bus shelter at dawn. I ended up with a monstrous bump on my forehead. It took a month for it to finally go away.


Yesterday another accident happened. I was going down the stairs in my tower block when I missed my footing and fell. I tried to stand up but the pain in my ankle killed me. It was so painful that I burst into tears alone in the staircase. After resting there for a few minutes, I managed to get to my feet slowly. I decided to hop on the normal foot to the bus shelter. I made it. I spent a miserable day at school with the sprained ankle. Luckily it was Saturday. I was able to go home earlier than usual. No sooner had I stepped in home than father immediately noticed that the ankle had become twice as large as it should be. I could not stand the pain so we visited the hospital together.


Now the ankle is bandaged and plastered just like a super big zongzi. Someone makes fun of me in the classroom, but I do not give a damn about it. It is a joke, and I feel it absurd too wearing all the stuff around the ankle.


In a way I feel I am a lucky dog because there are many lovely friends who show care over me. Their consoling words warm me. Though I still have great difficulty walking normally, I try my best to smile at them and say, “I’m OK!” with a feigned relaxed expression on my face. You should not worry those who love you if you do have a grateful heart.


Hand in hand with the bad luck comes my friends’ warmest care. With their support, I can recover quicker.



I can’t stand it. The doc warned that I should not do any sports in the following weeks; nor should I run or jump. According to him, should I get hurt again before I am fully recovered, chances are that I will sprain my ankle easily even on the smoothest road in the world. So do be careful when you are walking. This is what I have learned from my awful experience. Ouch, it still hurts like hell!

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